How many teachers do you know who have a “side hustle”?

And, it’s not just teachers.  Most adults are working 2 or more jobs just to make ends meet.  The problem is, without proper financial literacy, they are just running faster on the treadmill.  Wealth is not about how much you make, it’s about how much you keep.  Do more than hustle.  Make progress!

Get the Financial Fitness Program in one of several ways.

The Financial Fitness Program teaches the principles behind the OffenseDefense, and Playing Field of personal finance.  The financial fitness program is available in both physical and digital formats.   Click this link to learn more.

Get Financial Fitness Program Coaching.

You are welcome to purchase the Financial Fitness Program and work through it on your own, however, to maximize your efforts, enroll in my Financial Fitness Program Coaching program.  I will be your financial accountability partner through coaching calls and additional video resources.   Click here to order the FFP Coaching program.

The Financial Fitness Program is also included within LIFE’s SuperApp.

Life’s Super App provides access to a combination of products, services, discounts, incentives, and rewards centered around our core mission, which is to help you Have Fun, Make Money, and Make a Difference. While shopping at some of your favorite national brands, you can earn immediate cash back, virtual currency, and even credits towards dream vacations! You’ll also get instant access to a vast personal and financial development platform, so as your earnings continue to grow, you can as well!


Rachel and I have been able to pay off just under $19,000 of consumer debt that we had gotten stuck with ever since the 2008-2009 crash; we’ve been trying to dig out of that hole ever since! But due to bad thinking, we kept cycling through the debt and not getting it fully paid off. Thanks to the Financial Fitness Program, we’ve been able to fully wipe out that debt. The only thing we have left is our house, and we are so excited to just start pounding on that as we develop a passive income stream in our business! After our continued studies we realized that what we thought were assets were truly liabilities working against us. We shuffled around our investments and sold one investment property and paid off another $230,000 of debt that we previously considered an asset. Now we truly have assets working in our favor. While the numbers are smaller, the gains are actually much larger and stable with little to no risk. We are so grateful for the Financial Fitness Program and all that it has done for us. Absolutely amazing! It took us 6 months of studying Financial Fitness to really put things in place and wipe out that debt. We are so excited!!” – Spencer Haymond






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